This page is a list of books related to technology, business, or life-hacks that I either positiviely recommend, have read and did not find all that useful, or that I plan to read based on the recommendations of others.

Books that I have Read and Recommend

  • JavaScript: The Good Parts

    • JavaScript is not a language that I am particularly fond of, but it is necessary for pretty much all web programming, so it is a good thing to know. It is not known for being the best language, so this is a good introduction to the best parts of the language as well as some useful idioms in the language. It gives quite a number of pitfalls to avoid.
  • The Not so Short Introduction to LaTeX2e

    • This is probably the best guide to using LaTeX that I have ever looked at. It is not a complete guide, but it goes over most things that you need to know to write most documents in the span of about two hours of reading.

Books That I Plan to Read

Books That I Have Read