This is where I'll keep an updated list of apps and services that I have used and recommend to others.


  • Android Apps
    • Twitter: Tweetings
      • Talon is also good, but true push notifications are very important to me.
    • 2-Factor Auth: Authy
    • Recipe Management: Pepperplate
    • Reddit: Relay for Reddit
    • Podcasts: PocketCasts
  • Backups
  • Peer-to-Peer Payments: Square Cash
    • Doesn't have "social" features like Venmo and doesn't require the sender to have an account. Also automatically deposits sent money in my account instead of holding it like venmo/paypal.
  • Book Tracking: Goodreads
    • Good for tracking books, but not the best for recommendations. Their groups are... not great. Major bonus points for integrating with Kindle.
  • IDEs
    • Python: PyCharm
    • Java: IntelliJ
    • Android: Android Studio
  • Notes: OneNote
    • I used to use Evernote, but their UI has been degrading, their paid service has degraded, and their company does not seem to have it together at all.
    • There are still problems with OneNote, but it's at least tolerable. I still want more feature/UI parity between platforms and I want to be able to share individual notes like I did with Evernote.


  • Server Hosting: Vultur, Linode, or Ramnode
    • Definitely DO NOT use ChicagoVPS.
  • Domain Registrar: NameCheap


  • Bank: Ally
    • Good site, good service, good interest rates, refunds all [US] ATM fees, no other fees.
    • Charles Schwab's checking account is also good, but their website is bad. That said, waiving international ATM fees is a good feature. I have accounts at both.
  • Budgeting: YNAB
    • Mint is also good for tracking expenses, but I don't think it's good for budgeting, at least not how I think about budgeting.
  • Credit Tracking: CreditKarma or CreditWise
    • Lots of credit cards will give you access to your credit score, but if you want to actually see changes to your report, both of these services are pretty good for that. I like CreditWise's design more, but they both do roughly the same thing.
  • Credit Card: Citi DoubleCash
    • Unless you plan to do a lot of traveling or have specific needs (lounge access, trip delay insurance), 2% cash back on everything without thinking about categories is hard to beat. I've also been able to get pre-sale tickets to a concerts with it.